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Weekly Papers on Quantum Foundations (26-28)

From probabilistic mechanics to quantum theory. (arXiv:1907.08513v1 [quant-ph]) 下午3:18 | quant-ph updates on Authors: Ulf Klein We show that quantum theory (QT) is a substructure of classical probabilistic physics. The central quantity of the classical theory is Hamilton’s function $H(q,p)$, which determines canonical equations, a corresponding flow $\phi_{t}^{H}$, and a Liouville equation for the probability density $\rho(q,p,t)$. We extend this… Read more →

Weekly Papers on Quantum Foundations (19)

This is a list of this week’s papers on quantum foundations published in various journals or uploaded to preprint servers such as and PhilSci Archive. Physical states in Quantum Einstein-Cartan Gravity. (arXiv:1605.01544v1 [gr-qc])  gr-qc updates on  on 2016-5-06 12:52am GMT Authors: Francesco Cianfrani The definition of physical states is the main technical issue of canonical approaches towards Quantum Gravity…. Read more →